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Hey guys, long time Linux user, looking to make a hackintosh


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Long time Linux user here (11 years on the desktop). Been toying with the idea of turning my Dell Latitude D630 (Nvidia GPU, 4GB Ram) into a hackintosh. Well I read the guide for using myHack here on the site, plus the guide for installing ML onto a D630 using myHack over on osxlatitude.


What I did because I do not have access to a Mac is use VMWare player and booted a clean and fresh OSX install. (The myHack guide says VM will work for running myHack) I am using a 160GB external USB drive for my install media. My problem is tyhat during my install using myHack, the myHack app basically freezes up and flakes out. Usually it will get past transfering over all the base system files and then when it goes onto the next part it just sits there and does nothing. Or the last time I tried, it froze up about 1/4 way through the base system files. So I am very confused as to what is going on and why it won't work.


Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. :)

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