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D820 nVidia installation hangs on spinning pinwheel


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Hello and thank you for all the work you do-


I am trying to install Snow Leopard from the retail DVD on a Dell Latitude D820 (1GB RAM, currently with Windows XP Pro loaded, which I want to replace with OSX). It has the nVidia graphics (Quadro). I boot from the disk burned from the image D620SLV1.iso, then swap that disk out and insert the Snow Leopard disk, press F5, and select to boot from Mac OS X Install. The gray screen with the Apple logo appears, then the spinning pinwheel... and then nothing. I left it for several hours just to make sure, but it never moved beyond the spinning wheel.


Any pointers on how to resolve this?


Thank you!

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Unzip and burn this iso you should be able to use windows to burn to cd. it's custom made for D820 Nvidia only from EDP Files/ DSDT when chameleon boots swap cd's and press F5 to scan for disks then select osx install cd and install.... if using usb stick press f12 while bios is booting and select cd rom as boot drive you can have usb stick installed while doing it


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Thanks Bronxteck, that's very kind of you - however it's not working; I get the following screen after booting to the Snow Leopard DVD. I'm not Mac-savvy enough to understand what it is!




FWIW, I was able to do a full install booting from Nawcom's ModCD and the mach_kernel, but once installed very little works, presumably because of lacking the right kexts. Audio and video are very choppy, mouse doesn't work at all, no network.

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Got it - and again, many thanks!


What I ended up doing was taking the kexts in the Extras folder on the boot image you uploaded and using kext wizard to install them on the vanilla snow leopard I had installed. That fixed most things, but I now don't have:


- Wireless networking

- The onboard trackpad.


Wired networking and USB mouse work fine.


Are there other things I can do (e.g., with the plist files on the CD) without reinstalling the full OSX, which I'd prefer not to do?



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Bronxteck, you ROCK - I reinstalled using your boot image, everything works PERFECTLY except wireless because it's the Intel card. I did need to have a USB mouse plugged in during install.


andrew, are you able to come back from your display going to sleep? also, how about changing your resolution. can you see your desktop on your new resolution?


if yes, can you give me a quick summation of the steps you used?


this is mine.

-boot using the d620.iso

-swap out dvds with my osx install

-installed osx

-booted again with the d620 iso to boot into my osx install

-installed edp 1.8

-tried to configure the right things.


everything works for me except the display wont come back from sleep (suspending the laptop works fine)

it also just shows a blue screen if i try to change the resolution.

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