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Hey guys. This is my intro thread.


Firstly, I'm only a teenager, born in India, but have lived almost my whole life in Singapore. This is to clear assumptions that I'm a major. (So please treat me well... Haha! ;-) )


I've been using a hackintosh since around May-June 2011. What triggered my interest? My old 2007 white MacBook got smashed, and I just loved (Mac) OS X too much, so I looked on the internet for ways to install OS X on my new Samsung notebook which I had just received as a gift.


The only PROPER hackintosh I've ever owned is a notebook, so most of my experiences are from that. I've made complete, fully stable builds of both Lion and Mountain Lion, and I'm still tinkering. I can fix a kernel panic on my system, given that I know what I did just before, like install kexts or mess with other essential system files. I began at the Tony mac x86 forum (I know discussion of that place is banned here, this is my first and last time mentioning that place), using first iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded), then Uni Beast. Then, a few months ago, I noticed myHack. I realised that although a little obscure, it's actually far better. So I plan on moving over here.


As stated before, I can fix a kernel panic on my hackintosh, on the condition that I know what I or someone else did just before that happened. I do know a little programming, in Java, and I'm currently learning Objective-C for iOS app development. I also am quite good with the admin tools in Windows.


I think I can contribute here, by mostly helping other new notebook hackintoshers set up their systems for OS X, and setup OS X itself. I don't own a custom built desktop, so I can't aid there.



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