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  1. HI EMlyDinEsH, it's been a while. I've purchased a new laptop that now has the VIA VT1802 codec; I tried following your guide up to 50% but it was beyond my understanding and knowledge of computers. Could you help? Necessary files are attached. SRSR333_Audio_files.zip
  2. Hi EMlyDinEsH, I had v3.5 installed on my system, and I decided to update to v3.8. However, my trackpad has stopped working. How do I fix this? I have v3 trackpad.
  3. EMlyDinEsH, are you planning to release the source code for this project? Would be glad to take a look at how things work behind the scenes.
  4. Tried v3.3, keyboard function keys work great. I used 'SAMSUNG' as my vendor, and all keys except F5(sleep display) work. Great news. However, the trackpad still doesn't work, and I'm reverting to 2.8.3 until it does... I'd be happy to debug this problem, since it works perfectly in 2.8.3, with all swipe/scroll features enabled. And as for the DSDT, I'm surprised because I did use the patching thread to get my DSDT patched, and you did it for me, several months ago. I still have the emails I sent to and received from you, regarding the DSDT patching. And could you explain what you mean
  5. I installed the kexts with Kext Utility, which searches for kexts already installed that have the same name, backs them up by adding a .bak extension, and then installs the new kexts. This is equivalent to removing kexts before installing them. I will edit this post with the IOReg and system log when I get back.
  6. Updated to v3.0.2, and the trackpad doesn't work. It loads fine in verbose boot, shows up in kextstat and System Information, but whatever I do to make the cursor move, nothing happens. And furthermore, my settings for Keyboard fn mode 1, don't work either. Only volume up/down controls work. Plists of both kexts attached. Note that it worked perfectly in v2.8. SRSR33_plists.zip
  7. I would like to do beta testing for the next version, although I have a v3 trackpad. The kext does not load after wake from sleep.
  8. If I install this kext, I will now be able to get audio after wake from sleep, is that correct? Do I have to do any plist editing?
  9. No, unfortunately. I've been using your driver since 1.2, and none of it has worked after sleep. Besides touchpad, audio (ALC 269) also doesn't work. When I use the kext for my pin config, I get a kernel panic after wake from sleep...
  10. Yes. v2.8.3. System log after wake: Oct 4 17:05:51 XXXXX-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: Elan: Detecting the touchpad Oct 4 17:05:51 XXXXX-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: Elan: Successfully placed touchpad into Absolute mode Oct 4 17:05:51 XXXXX-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: Elan: MouseInformation { 0x20, 0x03, 0xc8 } Oct 4 17:05:51 XXXXX-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: Elan: Enabling the touchpad Oct 4 17:05:51 XXXXX-MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: Elan: Keyboard enabled
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