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  1. @EMlyDinEsH Bluetooth Kext is not loading on Mojave 10.14. It has been recognized the device, but bluetooth not available. Can you help me to fix this. Thank you ioreg.ioreg
  2. For this what can I do sir? Please give me suggestions.
  3. Hi, I had try all versions of kexts for élan touchpad on my Asus x540l nothing (touchpad & keyboard) worked. With other kexts (AppleACPIPS2NUB.kext & ApplePS2Controller.kext) - keyboard works, not touchpad. Here is my touchpad device info : HID\VEN_ELAN&DEV_1000&Col01 HID\ELAN1000&Col01 HID\*ELAN1000&Col01 HID\VID_04F3&UP:0001_U:0002 HID_DEVICE_SYSTEM_MOUSE HID_DEVICE_UP:0001_U:0002 HID_DEVICE How can I got working my touchpad?
  4. Yes, Got it At startup display goes to sleep for a while, enter password & sign in to OSX Nice & Thank you ...
  5. Finally got it Thank you so much Palash
  6. Please provide me pinconfig & path map ref. here is my codec_dump from linux codec_dump.txt Thank you Palash
  7. Yes !!! I have attached a pic taken from the windows 8 & the working kext of wifi both on Lion and Mountain Lion, if you believe me . http://www.mediafire.com/?du8xim288fkpl32 Thank you Palash
  8. Mountain Lion 10.8.2(12C60) on HD and Lion 10.7.5(11G63) on external HD. Thank you Palash
  9. Yes !!!! The audio kext i had attach, originally patched by Andy . I have added only my audio verbs and path maps. Speaker & headphone works both if i put on path map ref - 11>19, 13>19 or 11>20, 13>20 !!!, On both nods working good. Thank you very much Palash
  10. Tested this one -"The selected device has no input controls" . By my side I have no problem to test. It could be a great pleasure , if you allow me. I will provide you a quick reply. Actually I am on learning age . Thank you Palash
  11. Thanks for your interest bro. I have checked your modified kext, no difference as previous-"The selected device has no input controls" . Devices known as like the previous picture. Thank you Palash
  12. Thank you very much for your reply. Actually I am fighting to make my mic active for a long time. Different view, different way. Failed !!! It always in a ideal position - "The selected device has no input controls". Also tried with your path map same result . If you have time please have a look on my audio kext Audio kext.zip , I will greatly appreciate you. Thank you Palash
  13. If you are here you can contact with me. & Tell me right now where you are ???? Thanks Palash
  14. Hi Faisal, Tell me if you have interest on a Retail installation, If yes... write about your graphics detailed specification. I think I can help you. Thank you Palash
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