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Hello. I came upon your installer after trying a few others this week and doing my homework on the people behind those. I really like your installer and I'm hopeful I can get some help with some of the few lingering issues I'm experiencing from the folks here on your forum.


-I live south of Nashville, TN USA

-I am completely new to this hackint0sh concept.

-I read an article on a site about making a hackint0sh one day after getting my MacBookPro Retina a few weeks ago.

-I'm a long time Ubuntu user on the desktop, and wanted to make my desktop have the same experience I'm having on my laptop. I'm also a long time user of NetBSD and OpenBSD.

-I am a Senior Network Engineer by trade and have been in the trade for 15 years.

-My primary exposure has been to Linux/Unix and Windows. Mac OS is totally new to me, although Dad had a Apple II Plus when I was growing up in the 80's. :)

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