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My info, TonyMac trouble, problem with: GA-Z68AP-D3 (R2.0)


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I'm from South Carolina where I've lived for the last 50 years. Originally from North Carolina, I was a newspaper man for nearly 30 years. I'm now a Web master at a medical school but while a newspaper man, I wrote a computer column for about 12 years.

I have a lot of experience with PCs, both repairing them and fixing software problems. Sadly, since I'm no longer in desktop support, my PC skills have fallen off.

I've been using a hackintosh about 7 years, starting around 2005 at insanelymac.com. I'm interested in the platform for two reasons: I like putzing around with computers and I've always wanted to see if the Mac platform was as good as some of my buddies say it is. (My column was pretty much PC only.)

My skill levels for PC is fairly high but much lower with the hackintosh. I have to credit Azimutz (insanelymac) for really helping me a lot -- he helped me get over the hump.

I've just had a similar experience to others at tonycrap's Web site. I posted there about "making a dual-layer DVD" out of the Mountain Lion install app and have been banned for life. All appeals were refused and they somehow assumed from the post that I had to have downloaded ML from a pirate site -- which I didn't. I even offered to give them my Apple user name and password for them to check the date I bought it -- months before the post -- but they got more furious and said I was a hack and my system was a hack -- neither of which is true. Since I've been around PCs since their first intro, I've never had anything like that happen to me.

OK: my problem. I am using a GA-Z68AP-D3 (R2.0) with a G630 Sandy Bridge 2.7 Ghz, LGA 1155, Asus Geforce 210 video. I can "never" get past the first install screen. I boot from myhack (or crackwalk) and the desktop will flash for a moment and then the machine reboots. I've never got even close to doing an install. I've done -x -f -v and when it comes time for the desktop to load, flash! then reboot.

Could someone using that board maybe post what they have in the BIOS? I know there are many success stories with this board but one of them ain't mine. (Trying to install ML.)

Please, please help!!!

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