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D620 nVidia installation hangs on spinning pinwheel


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Hi and thanks a millon for your help,


I'm having a similiar problem to fellow user andrewperrin's so I'm going to plagerizing most of his post! Thank's andrew :-)


I am trying to install Snow Leopard (10.6.3) from the retail DVD on a Dell Latitude D620 (2GB RAM). It has the nVidia graphics (Quadro NVS 110M). I boot from the disk burned from the image D620SLV1.iso, then swap that disk out and insert the Snow Leopard disk, press F5, and select to boot from Mac OS X Install. The gray screen with the Apple logo appears, then the spinning pinwheel... and then nothing. I left it for several hours just to make sure, but it never moved beyond the spinning wheel.


The only retail disk I own is 10.6.3. I've tried downloading and using the D820NvidiaBootCD.iso.zip which solved Andrew's problems but I got a Kernal matching error. I'd appreciate any pointers our guidance as I am still learning.


Thanks again!

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