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d420 + intel gma


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On next Monday I'll get a D420 (w/ Intel GMA) and I will use it with Leo or Snow Leo. I read lots of forums and I still don't know that the Intel GMA is fully working (QE is supported?) or not (artifacts?). Could anyone who use D420 with Snow Leo write a list on what's working and what's not?



i've found the list at edp changelog.

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hi everyone, i installed an hour ago snow leo on my d420, at edp1.8 install i chose to install trackpad prefpane, since that system preferences doesn't load ("quit unexpectedly"). i tried to delete the prefpane but so far i can see only a prefpane under somewhere /extra folder.


(so far i've checked prefpane folders for that trackpad prefpane and repaired permissions).


what's the name of the file and where can i find it?

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