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Latitude D630 Nvidia


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Greetings, I have been having trouble with my OSX install after installing the latest EDP Package(1.8).


Here are the full details


My Machine:

Latitude D630 w/ Nvidia Quadro



Installed OSX 10.6.0 using this method:

OS X 10.6.0 (Snow Leopard) Retail Installation Procedure




Latitude D620/D820/D420 with GMA950 Graphics and Broadcom Wifi

Latitude D620/D630 with NVIDIA Graphics and Broadcom Wifi



Will probably work on ANY D series Latitude with Intel GMA950 or Nvidia graphics and Intel dual core processor


Working Hardware Accelerated Vid (32-bit only for Intel Graphics)

Working Ethernet (32-bit only)

Working Wifi

Working Sound

Working Shutdown/Restart (D620 Only)

Working Dual Core Support (All) without patched kernels


rebuild_mkext - Easy to customize - add/remove kexts to /Extra/Extensions and then double click rebuild_mkext.command in /Extra to rebuild custom boot cache without impact to /s/l/e. (Do this carefully at your own risk!)

Allows rebuilding of /Extra/Extensions.mkext in 64 bit mode. (Experimental - Nvidia ONLY)



10.6.1 Update works with no issues



Table of Contents:


1. Requirements

2. Installation of OS X 10.6.1 Retail DVD

3. Notes

4. Bugs/Issues

5. Change log

6. Grandiose Plans

7. Begging for feedback (not money)






* Dell D420/D620/D820 with Intel GMA950 or Nvidia Graphics with DVD read capability.

* Dell D630 (Nvidia Graphics ONLY) with DVD read capability.

* Similar hardware configurations may work, but are untested.




* OS X 10.6.0 Snow Leopard RETAIL install DVD. (Buy one - don't steal it)

* CD made from D620SLV1.iso



Installation of OS X 10.6.0 Retail DVD


1. Start computer with bootable CD made from D620SLV1.iso cd image. No flags required.

- When Chameleon boot menu appears, eject the boot CD

- Insert OS X 10.6.0 RETAIL DVD ONLY. Wait for DVD Machine to read DVD and hit F5. You may have to retry F5 a few times until the OS X Installation DVD spools up and gets read.

- Select OSX Install from the Chameleon menu once it appears.

2. Follow installation prompt:.

- Before installing, make sure to start the DISK UTILITY (from go>utilities) to create a GUID HD partition and install OS X on the new partition. IMPORTANT: In order for the automated Chameleon install to work during the post install, you must install on the FIRST partition of the FIRST drive. If you have a bunch of drives installed and don't know how to get this done, then I suggest you remove other drives during the installation and post install procedure.

- Suggestion: After partitioning, and at customize stage, de-select other language translations (other than default). This will save about 2GB disk space and make installation and every backup thereafter 2 GB faster.

Note: At installation completion, OS X may say that installation failed because it was unable to mount the disk and prompt to reboot. This is normal and OS X is installed. I suspect that this is because I never selected a boot partition, but I never bothered to prove it out.

3. To run OS X for the first time, Reinsert D620SLV1 boot CD and Reboot. Select your new installation partition from the Chameleon menu and boot.


10.6.0 Post Installation


You will want to boot from the hard drive and enable both cores. To do this, with the boot CD still in the drive after your first boot up, do the following:


1. Open the boot CD.

2. Double click on post_install.cmd.

3. Follow the simple prompts.

4. When the job completes, reboot.


Worked like a charm except that Restart/Sleep/Shut Down doesn't work plus it gets really hot (Already fried a LatD630)


So I searched around and found this place. I then followed the EDP (Extra Driver Package) guide as best as I could.


When I was in the edptool.command I chose option 1(Install Kexts) and Option 7 I think (D630 Nvidia). I cant remember the full details of the options I picked but I chose the ones that said that would probably work best (trackpad, power management, ect).


After it finished building I exited the terminal. Attempted to restart. Didnt restart, so I held the power button and turned the machine back on.

Seemed to be booting up fine (Glossy Apple logo) and then the LCD turns off. The computer is still on doing its thing and i see the HD LED flashing and then it stops. Then nothing happens.


I think I tried doing a Repair but it gave me no results and ended up reinstalling OSX 10.6.0 again. Repeated the steps above.

Note: In the edptool.command, in the kexts menu, I did not select the option to rebuild Extra folder from current config



Any tips? :)

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Haha I figured it out.

I feel kinda dumb. I did have the latest bootloader btw..... All i did was install the 10.6.7 update and ran the EDP 1.8.pkg(again), installed the kexts for D630 Nvidia and it works flawlessly! I just had to update!


Thank you for at least looking at this.

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