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Low CPU Frequency! D630, T7500


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You guys are my last resort. I have a Latitude D630 ([email protected], X3100 - 1280x800, 2GB DDR2 667, 320GB Seagate) . I have 10.6.7 installed with the latest EDP 1.8. Problem is my CPU shows as a 2.01 GHz processor in the About This Mac. I ran Coolbook and I got the same readings 2013 Mhz. I have only two kexts in my /Extra/Extensions/ folder: AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext and VoodooBattery.kext. I don't know if it is a DSDT related problem, cuz I tried other DSDTs and I got the same CPU frequency, or some .kext that sets the wrong voltage. This is my first question, can you help me somehow, please?


My second questions is related with the screen. I am about to replace the screen with a 1440x900 one, I bought a new ribbon cable and all. My only question before buying the screen is: Will the current DSDT(X3100, 1280x800) work with the new screen without problems? Thanks! If anything else comes up, I'll ask again.


Edit: OK, Just figured out the CPU Frequency issue. Turns out it's a bios related issue. Just turned off the "Dynamic Acceleration" feature under "Performance" in the BIOS and now the About This Mac reads it correctly!


Still my question about the screen remains! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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