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Project v0ltr0n


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With the expected release of Mac OS X coming ahead, Nawcom and Meklort known for the creation of the revolutionary retail methods ModCD/ModUSB, has announced the first Lion project called Project V0ltr0n, promising a very easy, nice, clean and comprehensive installation method.


Here are some features of project:

The ability to install OS X 10.7 Retail DVDs onto hard disks with non-GUID partitions without issues.

Integrated kext patching within the bootloader for kexts which need to be patched either through their Info.plist or binary. (based on a number of netbookinstaller‘s features)

Integrated kernel patching within the bootloader for all unsupported CPUs. As of now, just basic support for AMDs have been planned, but this will make things easier for unsupported Intel CPU people as well.

Retail DVD sub-package injection and autoselection, just like ModCD/ModUSB, so your hardware support gets installed with the OS.

SleepEnabler.kext will not need to be updated anymore. PM_DISPATCH_VERSION within the kernel you are booting will be autodetected. For those who have dealt with the annoyance of updating SleepEnabler every kernel change, you will understand how this makes life easier.

HDA codec detection in the bootloader.

We want to make things a little friendlier to the end user. Kernel Extension management could be easier-controlled through a prefpane; we are currently brainstorming this.

Improved graphics support in the bootloader. This means no more binpatching of kexts needed, and everything taken care of by the bootloader itself.

ATAPI detection in the bootloader. This means you would have Chameleon+v0ltr0n on a USB key and have it boot up a DVD; as of now, Chameleon

Easier way of imaging over the DVD to USB disk if needed due to lack of DVD-ROM on the device you’re installing to, from Linux or OS X. (We have some ideas of doing it from Windows without having to involve commercial HFS+ drivers). What does this mean? It means that the imaging and the v0ltr0n support will be done in an all-in-one process. People doing it from OS X will not have to image the partition from Disk Utility separately – this will all be done in 1 package or app. Linux will have it done through an easy GUI app I’ve worked on.

We may implement my idea regarding post-install notes. We will most likely install a post-boot installer that will be placed on the desktop of the first created user, in case some additional support is needed to be installed.

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