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Rebranding keys cosmetically + OSX Keyboard Functionality Annoyances


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Some people have gone as far in hackintoshing their Latitudes as to change the BIOS for cosmetic purposes. Beyond that I very often forget what keys are what when it comes to the Option, Control and Alt keys and it is certainly a major nuisance for those who like me are caught in the transition. Has anyone here either swapped the key plastic covers or relabeled them somehow in order to make their lifes easier by adding visual cues?



A major deal for me is the "Home" and "End" keys when typing. Is there an easy solution? Maybe a little hidden feature with a GUI or a program that would allow me to make those changes with a GUI?


Note: I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE if I get a little pre-emptive here since this is a very helpful community but just to try to be on the safe side since occasionally bad apples can be found in the best baskets: I'm FULLY AWARE that there are shortcuts on OSX that substitute the function of the "Home" and "End" keys but the one reason I'm posting this in this forum is precisely to see if anyone has been ticked by this enough that already found a workaround in order to avoid using THOSE Mac shortcuts. I'll sooner go back to Windows if I had to use those shortcuts but I don't want to do that EITHER! I want to be able to reap all the benefits of using OsX without my having to change my typing habits. Moreover, having there programs/scripts/programmers etc that have allocated so much time, brains and effort in making it possible (and in some cases easy) something as complex as it is to install OsX in a PC I of course will resist getting discouraged by reading anything that would try to suggest that circumventing the default keyboard functionality available in OSX is inherent to the OS to the point that developing a FakeSMC is easier than changing the way the "Home" and "End" keys behave.


Sorry about the pre-emptive rant lol, I hope I didn't blow up anything though :unsure:


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Hey mate,


Sorry for the delay.. been busy preparing our new website and EDP.


1. i'v done some remapping, eg. i like to use CTRL+C/V/A etc. to copy/past/cut etc., i'v also switched around on my WINDOWS and ALT key.. seems to work better for me like that.


2. hmm.. never thought about that.. what model do you have ?.. i have a D430 and never use those keys...


I know that there is some applications to remap keyboards.. maybe you could try one of those and let us know if it works ?

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