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Trying to follow Jake on 6430


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Hello, thanks for the great forum!


I followed Jake's great write up as far as I could and am getting errors. My problem I assume is due to the inability to find the extra referenced in step 2.


  • After creating your USB installer, run myHack again
  • Select Install Extra and point to the Extra folder attached (extract it first)
  • Boot up system with USB installer disk with the -v switch (use USB 2.0 port on the left, USB 3.0 ports don't always work)
  • Format the HDD per instruction from myHack
  • Select "Use my Own" when prompt and point to the Extra folder in the root of the USB installer drive
  • Delete the 3 files when prompt
  • You'll get an Install Failed error towards the end, that's fine, restart the computer. Remove the USB installer drive
  • Complete the customization ( if you get Invalid Partition Table during boot - just hit enter - more info below to remove the error)
  • Install 10.8.4 Combo update


When I just run the installer I get this:



The installer hangs there.


When I use -v flag, I get this:



Here is my system info:




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I edited the post to put the attachment next to step 2, you should see it there now.

Looking at your specs, I believe you have an E6430/E6530 with Nvidia Discrete Graphics (aka Optimus). You need to go to the BIOS, under Video and disable Optimus in order to successfully build this system.

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