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dell inspiron 1525 freezes during install of mavericks


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I'm using myhack 3.3.  Booted with the following:


-f -v PciRoot=1


Tried this as well:


-f -v PciRoot=1 GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=Yes


and this:


-f -v PciRoot=1 GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=Yes GenerateCStates=Yes GeneratePStates=Yes


I noticed there seems to be little glitches during the install in terms of graphics.  Like the area the mouse cursor is over, sometimes the graphics underneath it are blocky.  Especially if I load in disk utility, it will fail to draw some parts of it before continuing.


I enabled the installer log and it seems to freeze at this point:

Extracting System/Installation/Packages/Essentials.pkg

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Ha! You can't run Mavericks on a GMA X3100-based system. Sorry, that graphics chip was dropped by Apple since Mountain Lion:

  • ML + Mav kernels are 64bit only
  • there are no GMA X3100 64bit kexts
  • Apple adopted OpenGL4.x since ML and that is not supported by X3100 hardware.


At best, you might manage to install ML with MLPostFactor, which is a hack to run ML in 32bit kernel mode (there are a few bugs and limitations but it runs Ok generally speaking). Have a look at macrumors.com forum for that or at our EDP->Supported Models with Guides->Dell.


Failing that, you best Vanilla version will be Lion 10.7.5.

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