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Need DSDT edit help for HD 5450

Grim Reaper

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I have a fully working installation of Mavericks in an Optiplex 780, including sleep and wake.  I just installed an XFX HD 5450 1GB video/graphics card ( 0X68F91002 ) and got it fully working with acceleration by modding two kext files but I want to edit the DSDT to enable it without hacked kexts so OS updates won't affect it.  


I've looked around the net, including OSX86 ( http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293049-guide-mavericks-amd-radeon-hd5450/ ) and elsewhere, and found instructions but none appear to relate well to the DSDT for the Optiplex 780, or the 760 which is very similar, for me to understand well enough to do it with any confidence that what I do will work.  


Would someone here please help me with the editing or edit the DSDT for me?  


Attached is a zipped folder containing the DSDT and the IOREG files generated by IORegistryExplorer.



Opti 780 DSDT IOREG.zip

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maybe you should try making your own  efistring for org.chame instead if you can not modify the dsdt. should have same affect your trying to achieve.

What if I, or someone else, wants to use a different boot loader such as Clover (which I would like to learn about too)?  Modding the DSDT is, apparently, the best way to go to avoid having to redo edits to kexts, etc.  Once done, it's done forever.  

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