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Tempture sensors / monitor E6410


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I have my E6410 up and running with Mavericks and it works just fine.


My last Hack I had to back 3 times in the oven as the Nvidea GPU would un-flow  it self.


I do not like this to happen to my E6410 so I installed iState menus to show me the various readings.

Only on the temperature side it only shows the hard disk temp. No CPU, non Mem, no GPU.


Does one of you know a good tool that would display more then only the hard disk temp.


I assume the I5 and the Nvidea 3100 both have temp sensors on board.



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Install one of the recent FakeSMC kexts from Kozlek (v5.2.xxx or later) and the associated HWMonitor tool should give you a lot of info.

Thanks Hervé,


It works like a charm I now have the readings in my iStat Menus.

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