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General questions about upgrading to Lion


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I have had a Hackintosh (Snow Leopard) D630 1280 x 800 intel laptop for about 4-5 months now, and it runs really well.

I am contemplating upgrading to Lion, but I have a few general questions first:

1. Is Lion unstable in any way on D630?
2. Is performance better with Lion as opposed to Snow Leopard?
3. How can I keep all my files/apps when upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion?



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It's totally stable, have you read anywhere that it wasn't?


As far as performance is concerned, I would personally say that it's better with SL than Lion. SL is ever so snappy, quicker to boot and it's a blast to shut down!


Make a backup beforehand, but you can normally install a new OS X version over an existing one and it keeps all your files and apps. It certainly worked for me on my D630n when I installed ML over Lion, then Mav over ML. You could always try out Lion from a USB key or an external USB HDD before you make a final decision...

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