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Dell XPS m1330 10.7 > 10.7.5 update | Boot issue


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Just installed 10.7.5 combo update on a 10.7 system and only getting this far...



Waiting for root device...


Laptop uses Intel GMA/x3100 for graphics.


Any help or pointers be appreciated!



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Thanks for the reply. 


Yup, I discovered that kext got removed after the update so put back in and was able to reboot and get to desktop just fine...


Just need to sort graphics now... no QE/QI atm on x3100. Am trying various means with methods I've been researching but no luck yet. I did have it working once - but that was with a natit.kext and 10.6...


Will start a new post for that after some more trial n error tho!


Thanks again.

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You should not need anything special to get full QE/CI on Lion, no Natit or anything like that, just boot 32bit kernel mode (arch=i386), that's all. X3100 is not supported in 64bit mode. You probably need GraphicsEnabler=Yes too.

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