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Reinstall EDP from command line in single-user mode?


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An update made my EDP build unbootable. I can still log in to single-user mode with a text-mode console. The problems may be related to EDP directory changes so I'd like to start over from scratch, wipe out the current fixes, and install a fresh EDP.


How to clean out old EDP?

Is is enough to wipe everything in





How to install new EDP?

I have transferred the latest Install_EDP to the machine using a USB stick, but the installation uses the graphical desktop (Window Server) so nu luck there.

How can I install EDP from the command line?


How to run the build?

After installation I will need to run the build with recommended settings for my system. In the old EDP this was console/script-based but this is now web-based.

Can I still call on the build from the command line somehow?



Mike Wilson

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Yes, there are changes to EDP directory. Remove Extra folder and EDP.app, and follow this for new installation: http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp/documentation/post-installation/


Sorry, you can't run EDP completely in command Line to build. If you provide details of your model, OSX version and explain your problem, so i can help you to boot then you can install EDP and do build.

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Oh, ok, I thought it could be completely console based as older versions of EDP ran with a terminal interface. But maybe myFix is called upon, and needs the graphical desktop?


I already have a "support thread" going under the Dell forums:


so I'll hope for responses there then :-P




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