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System Really Sluggish..


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I am sorry to be a pain the ass, but my latitude (installed with purchased 10.6 and myHack) d630 is running really sluggish, animations are slow and youtube is very choppy. (forget about HD) Videos stored on hard drive are also running really slow, I looked in my activity monitor and it was using 1% of the processor and less then 100mb of ram. I am thinking a kext isnt letting the processor run at full speed or something, my specs are posted below.



Dell Latitude D630

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.20ghz

4gb DDR2-6400

320GB Seagate 7200rpm

Intel GMA x3100


Broadcom 4312

1200x800 LCD Panel.


I'm thinking it's my graphics card, I'm scared to be told that, My 620 runs perfect though, so I'm confused.. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • Check that your BIOS parameters are configured according to the recommended settings in the pinned thread of this very section, on the basis that you have a Merom CPU, not a Penryn.
  • Try the performance tuning with modified FakeSMC kext + boot plist P&C States + MB5,1 SMBIOS plist



Place plist files in /Extra, FakeSMC.kext in /Extra/Extensions, run myFix (quick) and reboot.


Of course, this assumes you also remove all previous instances of FakeSMC/CPUMonitor/PState/VoodooTSCsync kexts from /E/E beforehand as explained here.

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