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Blinking Cursor / Boot loader issue after install


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I am hoping that someone can provide me with some assistance. I was able to successfully install OSX Mavericks on my D630 per instructions at the top of this page. Unfortunately, after completing the installation, i receive an black screen with a blinking cursor. I researched this and came across this to remedy:


Issue: After passing various installation obstacles, the bootload hangs at a blinking cursor "_" .


Boot with the DVD and use -s at boot load.

sudo -s
-e /dev/rdiskX --->(X is the number of your HD, if you have only on its 0)
f X
--->(X is the number of the partition where you installed Leopard)

Mentioned with Kalway release: the bootloader does not like seperate disk names. Use a single word as name.

Release 10.5.2 R2 has a problem booting if EFI and GUID are choosen



I only have one hard disk and 1 partition on the disk. I tried the fdisk command above and it gave me an error message when I tried to replace X with 0. I am new at all of this. How do I find the HD and partition numbers per the instructions above?


here is the error message:

fdisk: could not open MBR file /usr/standalone/i386/boot0: No such file or directory


Thanks- Jeff

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Those messages refer to some old Leopard distro, so ???


If you're trying to install Mavericks on a HDD that had that distro in the past, it looks as if you need to wipe it out completely beforehand. Use myHack + the downloaded Mavericks app + OSXL bootpack to make your USB installer. When you boot your installer, go to Utilities->Disk Utility and delete any existing partitions on the drive and create a brand new GUID partition that you'll format OS X extended (journaled).


Do not use the MBR patch at the end of the Mavericks installation. You only need the MBR patch if you install on a disk with existing MBR partition table and you lust use a different patch than the defective one provided with myHack v3.3.1.

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I tried all the steps again (recreated bootdisk, verified BIOS settings, and repartitioned the hard drive) with the same results - the flashing cursor at reboot. The only place where I deviated from the instructions is that during the USB boot disk creation, MyHack does not prompt me to use the generic Extra folder, so I copied the Extra folder from the bootpack onto the USB boot disk and ran myFix against the USB installer. Could that be my issue?

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