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Media Bay Battery Problems

James Coleman

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Does anyone use their Dell laptop with the optional Multi Bay battery to extend their running time? The OS recognises the second battery, but cannot distinguish between it being plugged in or running on battery power. The OS states "Not currently charging" when unplugged, and does not give an accurate percentage estimate. There is only 1 battery reported in the system profile.


I've tried both VoodooBatter and AppleACPIBattery and both yield the same results. Can anyone shed any light or suggestions?





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Im using them second battery insteadof the dvd drive. And it seems to work perfectly in OSX 10.7.2 . So maybe you should update to latest OS ;) .


It shows both in the menubar and it also shows loading and plugged in on powersuply.


Im using voodoobattery and its on a D630...





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