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Media Bay Hard Drive Problems


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I've been having a look round the forums to see if anyone else has had problems tying to use a second hard drive in the media bay, I couldn't find anything. I've tried using one in two different D630s now and I get the same, or roughly the same, deal each time.


Initially the drive mounts up fine and might even survive a wake from sleep or two, possibly even a reboot. But pretty soon the drive gets messed up. Sometimes it is recoverable with Disk Utility sometimes I need to use Disk Warrior to revive it, sometimes it's just plain dead and requires reformatting.


I've tried several different drives, various capacities and manufacturers. I've tried two different media bay hard drive trays. I've tried two different computers. I've tried 10.6.7 and 10.6.8.


I'd love to hear anyone else's experience with this issue. Is it possible to make it work? I do hope so. Thanks.

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have you played with the dock settings in bios? maybe its not shutting down the drive correctly.

My current settings for the Dock are:


Undocking Method : Hot Undock


PCI Slot Monitoring : Enabled Silent


Universal Connect : Off


Do these setting really affect the Media Bay?


Thanks again.

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Do you have any experience of Dock settings in bios affecting the media-bay drive?


If fact does anyone have any experience in getting a second hard drive to work in the media bay?



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