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Optiplex 980 - Intel 82578DM NIC not accessible


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PC is Dell Optiplex 980 DT

i5 processor

4 gig Ram

ATI video card


This PC is factory stock.  OSx 10.9 is installed and boots up as I would expect.  


I used MyHack 3.3.1 to install.  When it came to connection to the internet during installation, it wouldn't accept going DHCP.  I tired using IP address to my router as DHCP server to no avail, so I proceeded with no internet connection.


After getting the boot situation cleared up so I didn't have to boot safe mode, my next step was getting internet connected.  The only options it allows is Bluetooth or dial up via serial port.  The NIC is integrated in the MB and is working as I have had both Linux and Windows running on the PC just before installing OSx 10.9.


My experience with OS X is mostly non-existent.


Any help would be appreciated.




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I did not have AppleIntelE1000E.kext on the computer.  I installed it and now  I have internet connections.  Now it's seeing what is and isn't working.


I have two identical Dell Optiplex 980's.  One with Windows 7 Professional and the other now with OSx 10.9.  


Do I want to upgrade to OSx 10.9.1? or should I wait?

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