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D630 3GB Barrier - 64 Bit Mountain Lion


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Hi everyone, would like to clarify something with my build. I have the system up and running and am enjoying Mountain Lion. specs, D630 4GB T7250 Nvidia, BIOS A17, HDD


So thanks to everyone who made this possible.


Basically my Apple SysInfo will not show the 4GB (2x2) installed , it only shows 3GB. Is this the norm??, I thought the system was 64-bit and 4gb would show (not like XP) and and any future RAM enhancements would show too.
I also checked ' my geekbench results(1980 Multi) and when comparing the same spec with others. Theirs seemed to be far higher, so was wondering if am actually on the 64 bit kernel.
Hopefully if someone with the expertise could point my in right direction and spot my silly mistake(s) :0
Thanks Guys
My extra extensions :-





FakeSMC (v5)






My smbios.plist 

<string>Apple Inc.</string>
<string>Apple Inc.</string>
<string>Apple Inc.</string>
<string>Apple Inc.</string>
And my chameleon.plist :-
<key>Kernel Flags</key>


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You don't need IOATAFamily or VoodooTSCSync kexts in /E/E, you can get rid of them and run myFix (quick). Update your Chameleon bootloader to latest version (r2371 at time of writing) with Chameleon Wizard.


You should see 4GB of RAM if that's what you have. You can always verify this in BIOS info page. Make sure your BIOS is configured as per recommended settings and I would suggest you use BIOS A16 or later.


Re: benchmarking, you have the least powerful FSB800 T7xx Merom CPU with only 2Mo L2 cache. As such, your benchmark results will be amongst the lowest. Upgrade to something like a T9300/T9500 if you can, these tend to go for cheap on auctions sites. At 2.5/2.6GHz and 6Mo L2 cache, these Penryn Core2Duo CPUs make great little performers!


You are running a 64bit kernel, ML does not have a 32bit kernel at all.


I also recommend that you proceed with the performance tuning we've published on the forum and in the Articles section of the web site. You'd have much to gain in terms of performance, especially with graphics.

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thanks for such a quick response Hervé. Legend.


I will definitely give your response a go. I have seen some of your previous posts regarding the Penryn CPU, so will now look to that too.


I will get back to this post and let you know how it goes. My plists supplied are okay then, any room for improvements?? I thought I was missing something. 

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Your plists are Ok but:

1) SMBIOS profile of MacBookPro5,1 would be better than MacBook5,1 to maximise nVidia GPU performance

2) you can eventually remove the -v flag in the boot plist and reduce the timeout to 1 or 2 seconds

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I did all those things u mentioned and what an improvement, I jumped up to 3100 on geek bench.


Now the system feels right, a few issues under the hood. But the major ones are gone and hopefully I can sort them out myself.


Thanks once again and maybe I will go for the Penryn soon;)

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