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D630 Snow Leopard Post install failing


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OK, after getting a copy of myhack 3.1.2, I got the initial install done on my Dell D630 with intel graphics, but

I can't get the rest to work.


After install, the manual says to run EDP, which I did.  I selected my model from the database and ran the build, but

on reboot, it crashes hard (never gets to desktop, throws up black box with ominous warning telling you to reboot).


I'm trying to install snow leopard on this thing.  Is EDP 5.3 supposed to work with this model and this OS?


Just to clarify, the initial boot after install works ok.  It supports the wireless card and all that, but no sound and

probably some other things missing.



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Latest update - SOUND!


I just installed the VoodooHDA software from their site and it is working.


last thing to fix was the funky track pad, but that was simply a matter of disabling 2 finger scrolling.


So, now I have a fully functional "hack"Book!

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