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macosx 10.8 and dv6871us


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according to what i found


it looks like it should work. the wifi is intel though so it won't work on osx

you would have to replace it but HP is notorious for whitelisting the wifi cards meaning it has to be hp and known to work on that machine or you need a modded bios with white listing removed then you can use any brand wifi.

if during install you get a lapic error then you need a patch for the kernel. the the boot flag cpus=1 can be a temporary fix to get you through install. do some research to see if others have an issue with that on that model.

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thanks     the instalatios never starts because the error that macosx cannot be instaled in a intel core2duo   for that error i have to use the flag?


wifi dosent work i hace a usb wifi that works



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