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D830 w/10.9.1 running slow clock speed


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I have had a D830 nvidia running 10.8 well for a while. I needed to match versions of Aperture on my Mac Mini to the laptop which required 10.9. After a few tries I got it installed correctly everything seems to be running, sound, wifi, even looks like it sees the WWAN card.


The problems is it is sluggish. I installed menu meters and it says it is running at 600MHz even though "About this mac" says 2.2ghz. sysctl hw.cpuspeed in the command line says 600MHz too.


In the 10.8 installation with EDP there was a menu drop down that let you override the auto speed control but I dont see it here. Is it supposed to be and for some reason EDP did not install it?


Dynamic Acceleration is disabled as per the BIOS setting sticky and I tried turning off speedstep but that made no difference. 


Any ideas?

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