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Just what I needed...


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This site was the perfect answer to a problem I had.

I'm a Windows developer by default (not because I love Windows either... more of a necessity thing).

I've had several people request that some of my programs be made available on the Mac platform.


Well, as most of you would agree, it didn't seem feasible to drop the money down to buy a Mac just to convert some applicaiton code. So, I started looking for a solution.


The first thing I tried was a VM Mac using VirtualBox (glad I did because this was the tool I eventually used to get my Hackintosh working). The VM was great, but it was a little slow and would lock up occasionally. So, I started looking into a full blown Hackintosh. I did have a Dell D620 that I no longer used for Windows and it was just laying around gathering dust. I was thrilled to see it was supported on this site.


Interestingly, my first Hackintosh was quite a challenge because I was having registration problems on this site and so I couldn't post for help when I ran into issues. I was able to get it working though (OS-X Lion on DELL D620; Intel 945GM). When I went to download the XCode app from the apple store... that's when I realized I would need to bump up to Mountain Lion 10.8.4 or higher. Problem... until I could get my registration worked out, I was out of luck since the EDP package was just a trial download posted on some of the forum posts (off limits to me).


Thanks to Herve for getting my registration squared away.


Now, I will be able to move forward with the ML Hack attempt and I'll be able to come crawling here for help as needed   :-P


BTW, I ordered a Dell DW1505 wireless Lan card so hopefully that will be working soon also.


Looking forward to sharing information with all of you.



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Welcome to the mad house. I hope you'll enjoy it.


Remember to use the search facility before you post for help as your questions may have already been answered and it's highly likely to be the case with a D620, the model having been supported for many many years.

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