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Issues with dual boot post installation


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So, I'm having five cosmetic issues I'm hoping you all can help me with.


I have a Dell Latitude D830 Nvidia GPU with a dual boot of Windows 7 and Macintosh OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 installed (I think this may update when I restart ?) [with default EDP settings].


1.  On the Chameleon boot menu, there is no logo for Windows 7

2.  Is there a way to have the Chameleon boot loader not automatically select (and eventually boot) Mac, but instead show all the options and wait for the user (me) to select one?  Sometimes, I get distracted during boot and load up MAC when I was aiming for Windows.

3.  Can I hide my pass through space partition (an area for files I want to access in both operating systems like music and code)?

4.  Can I revert back to the original Macintosh boot screen logo (instead of the OSXLatitude one)?


I'm asking this last one here simply because I don't know so much about OS X:

5.  Is there a way to force a person to know, and thus type in, the account name at login?  This *was* default in Linux and is doable in Windows 7.  I really like that a person logging into my system is required to know both the account name and password.  It makes me feel more secure.


Any help in fixing these issues would be much appreciated.


By the way: I'm finding I like Macintosh OS X better than Windows 7.  I never thought that would be possible.  Now if only MAC hardware wasn't proprietary, OVERLY expensive, and completely out-of-date, huh?  hahaha.  Still OS X is a really nice Unix system.

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  1. You may have a Win logo in the list of available OS, it just depends on your Chameleon version and optional theme used (it works with default theme).
  2. Yes, use Chameleon Wizard to adjust this setting: by default, there us a timer but you may opt for the Instant Menu to manually decide each time (please note this means no auto-boot is possible).
  3. ?
  4. Yes, it's a simple matter of replacing the boot logo file in /Extra/Themes/default. Rename the current OSXL logo into something like 'boot_OSXL' and drop the attached original logo file with the filename 'boot.png' in there. boot.png.zip
  5. Yes, just disable automatic login in Users & Groups Preference Panel.


The best tool to manage your bootloader really is Chameleon Wizard. I highly recommend it. You'll easily find it on the web.

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Thanks Hervé. I'll look into the wizard. And thanks for answering quickly.


About number there:


I have three partitions on my disk: Mac, Win, and Pass. The pass is ExFat because Mac and Win play well with it together. This is just for files I want to access on both operating systems. It will never (and can never) be booted into and yet Charmeleon shows it in the menu as a boot option. Can it be hidden?

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