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icloud Account Limit Reached Error message


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Hello sirs......I was able to install OS X 10.8.4 on my Dell Latitude D620 Intel GMA 950 1440 x 900......Everything worked fine except not being able to use icloud. I constantly get an Error Message: Limit Reached for this Account. However, I've never used icloud before. My Apple ID is correct....Kindly assist.


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I assume you've used MPLF, which we do not support. It's clearly stated in the guide. So is the fact that you may find certain apps do not work. You need to ask your questions on the MacRumors' thread.


-> Posted in guide on 13 April 2013:

  1. " :excl: Do not ask questions about MLPostFactor here. Go to the authors at MacRumors. It's not our hack, we did not make it, we don't support it."
  2. "Remember that this hack is quite aggressive in the way it reverts to DP1 files, so you may find that things do not work. Again, don't ask for support here, go to the authors at MacRumors."


If you did not use MLPF, then don't bother with ML on your D620 GMA950 as it will not run well.

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