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Asus G75vw - hangs at 'PCIConfiguration End'


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I have the Asus G75vw with the nvidia 670m graphics card. I've tried both mountain lion and mavericks with the same results both times: when I first boot up the myHack pen drive, it hangs at "pciconfiguration end" 


I've verified that my PciRoot is 0 and that I can boot up fine with the uni_beast method. I'm hoping to get myHack working so I can integrate my model completely into the EDP.


I at first thought it was the boot loader since this was an older one and so tried another version of chameleon but got the same results.

Any ideas?



**Edit** I read elsewhere that this can also be caused by ehci issues. So I put GenericUSBXHCI.kext into the E/E of the pendrive and sure enough, problem solved. 

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