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Found 16 results

  1. Hello every one, thanks for this great forum! I have a problem, Soon there will be release of a new program which requires OSX 10.11.6 at least! Curenntly I am running Mavericks on Dell 6430 with i7 3740HQ 256 SSD, Optimus Enabled, Bios 11, AHCL enabled, I stll have a bootable USB with my instalation to Mavericks, I used myhack to do it from that topic : https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7268-dell-latitude-e6430e6530-with-optimus-enabled/&do=findComment&comment=43169 with little updates from other topics. I have WI FI compatible, the only things that do n
  2. This is for the model E6420 with the Intel 3000 Graphics Card, could someone who uses the Nvidia version please post their findings on it. Thank you all. Although this guide is made for the i3-quad core, 8GB RAM, v3 ALPS, it has been extended to other types, just read through the thread. Credits @Jake Lo - DSDT patches for HDMI audio, AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB Patching for VGA and HDMI video output, the boot pack, Patching AppleHDA and finding the HDAEnabler trick in chameleon for audio, a lot of help with just about everything @Stork - Starting the research thread and figuring out the
  3. Hi, in first i have to say, that i am newbie. I want to install OSX Snow Leopard on Latitude D620 CPU: CoreDuo T2300E 1,66GHz, 1GB RAM, GPU is Intel GMA 945, Screen resolution 1280x800, HDD 60GB. I tried to follow install instructions in documentation and forum tips I have a retail Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg Because i don't have acces to MAC i also downloaded MAC OSX 10.6.2 for VMware In VMware i installed myHack_v3.1.2 (thanks Hervé) and created install USB drive - There i had problem myHack didn't ask me to choose instalation dmg (detected automaticly?) and at the end i was unable to
  4. Hello OSXLatitude forumers, I almost hackintosh a Dell Latitude D630 Here are my installation method : 1: Make the USB installer by using MLPostfactor and Mountain Lion App 10.8.3 2: Install bootloader to the USB installer 3: Take kext from bootpack provided here and replaced it with the default in the installer 4: Change SATA from ATA to AHCI 5: Boot with the bootflag -v 6: Successfully booted, directly go to Disk Utility and format my HDD 7: Go to installation, selected the drive, and the install process begin 8: Freeze at 19 minutes left! I have done this process ma
  5. i have been trying to get 10.9 onto my e6500 for days now without any luck. every time i end up with it telling me osx couldn't install and asking to view the log. this is before i even get into the installation right after it asks you to choose a language. normally i wouldnt start a new topic but i have looked everywhere and tried everything. i have tried with every option in my bios (A29) off and on and with -x -v pcirootuid=0,1 npci=0x2000,3000, -f, graphicsenabler=yes, and with various combinations of those tags (of course properly capitalized). anyone have any idea what i am doing wr
  6. Hi, I've succesfully installed mavericks on my dell 3521 using Myhack but i've noticed some problems after fine-tuning with the edp app. First of all, the patched appleintelcpupowermanagemet.kext that gets installed to get my powermanagement working, gives me a kernel panic after rebooting. I fixed this by downloading a patched version from the niresh website. After using their patch i could boot and everything works good now. my second problem is that when i boot my hackintosh with -v, it hangs for a long time at "ioapic version 0x20 vectors 64 87". How can i fix this ? I know it doesn't se
  7. Hi, with the use of myHack I've created a Mavericks 10.9 installation (Hackintosh). Everything works great, only problem occurs when I try to make a System Restore ... can't get to Select destination step ... the problem is that I get everything else shown, except the thing I need ... My backup is on external HDD and process of creation a backup goes through without a problem ... the backup is normaly shown when I start the Restore process ... Thanks in advance ...
  8. I have the Asus G75vw with the nvidia 670m graphics card. I've tried both mountain lion and mavericks with the same results both times: when I first boot up the myHack pen drive, it hangs at "pciconfiguration end" I've verified that my PciRoot is 0 and that I can boot up fine with the uni_beast method. I'm hoping to get myHack working so I can integrate my model completely into the EDP. I at first thought it was the boot loader since this was an older one and so tried another version of chameleon but got the same results. Any ideas? **Edit** I read elsewhere that this can also
  9. Specs: Latitude e5420 i5 2520M HD 3000 Bios: A14 NIC: Broadcom 57xx Install target is 300 GB external eSATA drive EDIT: OSX 10.9.2 I prepared the myHack install disk and everything completed without issue. During the install itself, everything is fine up until the "one minute left" where it hangs indefinitely. I can reboot and enter into safe without issues, but myHack can't run in safe (since only limited kexts can be loaded). I've tried booting into the install disk again with -f (or else the install disk thinks it is in safe mode) , but it hangs on the spinning pinwheel and
  10. Hello, i am installing os x mavericks on my dell latitude e6400. I followed a guide, and it used myhack. Before, i could not get to the installer, but the guide told me to copy dsdt.aml, and some other kexts to my usb which got me to the install screen without any boot flags. I successfully installed, and the last part of the guide said this: "Once you installed maverick, the same files you added to the USB installation , go ahead and add them to your system HDD. Assuming you already know you need a working mac to accomplish this. You might need to connect the harddrive where you installed
  11. Hi guys. I've tried to use MyHack with many versions of OSX (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and recently, Mavericks) but none of them work. (I'm using the latest version) Everytime I make a boot disk using MyHack and boot using it, it gets to Darwin and show the partitions on the disk, which I choose the MyHack installation disk. After that it just reboots the PC. I've tried all types of bootflags and none of them work as well. Here are the specs of my hardware: Specs: MOBO: GA-H61M-DS2 CPU: Core i3 2100 CPU RAM: 8 GB Patriot ( 2x 4 GB) GPU: Nvidia GeForce 210
  12. I have been using the myHack software to try to load mavericks on my Dell Latitude 530s. I have checked the bios settings and found out there is no ACHI mode, so i could not set that. The installer loads up fine and seems to be ready to install but only shows my flash drive after being connected. What should i do to fix the problem.
  13. Looks like today I'm lucky.. I'm using osX 10.9 on my M6400 Intel Qx9300 - nVidia quadro FX 3700m - IDT audio First of all I used MyHack solution 3.3 + the mbr patch for mavericks (still unsupported in myhack whilewrithing) I also put in extra my DSDT from a previous 10.6.8 osx install booted with graphicenablers=no and good old npci=0×2000 (truth is i modified org.chaemeleon.boot.plist with chameleon wizard and also set graphics mode to 1920x1200x32) I had to remove all NVDA kext from extesions folder to make it bot as was hanging on a black screen suddenly. however I ins
  14. So I'm working on upgrading my snow leopard partition to lion on my Dell Latitude D830. Last night I made a generic myHack installation onto a 16GB sandisk cruzer, and I booted my computer into the installer. However, after about 5 minutes in the installer, the computer completely froze, and I had to hold the power button to shut it off. Then I formatted and recreated the myHack installer, this time using a bootpack for the high-res intel graphics card. It started booting with a kernel panic, which I resolved by using arch=X86_64. After it passed that point, it froze with the message:
  15. Hello, I installed myHack+Dell Vostro 200 Bootpack+EDP for Mountain Lion, but now Launchpad takes forever to open! The launchpad was pretty quick like an original Mac in Lion, but it takes 5-7 minutes to open Launchpad which is very annoying. I have not yet gotten a graphics card(because it will take a few days to order it), but launchpad takes forever. Will the Nvidea gt 610 graphic card Pci 2.0 fix the problem? If you need any screenshots, or photos of my desktop, please ask. I will be getting my card in a few days, so it might solve the problem. Thanks vgupta
  16. Ok, so I have a Dell Latitude D620 with the nvidia graphics card and I got a copy of Mac Lion from app store Then downloaded the myHack tool. Installed the Lion to the 16 GB flash drive and installed the extras using the myHacks tool. Then I made sure my Bios is all good by looking at the other forum and everything checks out. Booted to USB and it loads the loader fine. When I press enter to continue the boot. it does its loading stuff but when all done it brings me to a black screen and my USB light went off. I been on this for hours.. Any help please would be appreciated. Thanks!
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