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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I lately ran into a problem with some Lacie 2Big Network v2 NAS units and had to restore the firmware onto the disks - for those who dont know - these damn units have the firmware on the actual disks and not in a ROM (ARGHHHH!!!!) - and speaking with Lacies support is jumping out an airplane and hoping it wont hurt.. it will.. trust me. Anyway, after some (alot) of Googling i found the solution, but it was bits here and there and nothing that really got the job done fully - so... hopefully this post will help out people. First of all.. some reference points: - http://lacie.nas-ce
  2. Hi, with the use of myHack I've created a Mavericks 10.9 installation (Hackintosh). Everything works great, only problem occurs when I try to make a System Restore ... can't get to Select destination step ... the problem is that I get everything else shown, except the thing I need ... My backup is on external HDD and process of creation a backup goes through without a problem ... the backup is normaly shown when I start the Restore process ... Thanks in advance ...
  3. Hi, I recently had a few problems when 10.9.3 failed to install properly. I gave up trying to fix what I was left with and tried to restore from my myHack Installer USB drive. Although my backups were made on the same computer, it received the message "You can't restore this backup because it was created by a different model of Mac". Would I be right in thinking that this is a problem with my Installer? Because I didn't have a way of doing anything with my Installer, I installed 10.9 on my HDD, installed my kexts and decided to re-create my Installer. I gave it a test, made a new back
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