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  1. Here is the kext for Atheros AR9285 to work on 10.9 I just dragged it to desktop and installed it. Works great!! Enjoy IO80211Family.kext.zip
  2. Ok thank you. I seem to have a issue when updating.. because it crashes before the install completes..
  3. I have downloaded and re-downloaded voodoo drivers, but still no audio.. then i tried re running the edp to see if it would work, and still no.. im running 10.6.0 on the d620.. any suggestions?
  4. Ok i got the display to work and stuff.. the audio drivers are still not working.. any idea.. i did the EDP 2 times already.. and still no luck..
  5. I did run EDP. But it's still glitchy.. I'll try copying the files manually.. I did not run myfix.. I'll try that now
  6. OK so i got the OS X 10.6 to install fine on the Dell latitude D620 NVIDIA, but i am having issues 1). Audio drivers not working. 2) If i leave alone screen goes black and wont turn on 3) if i shut lid, it wont come back on. everything else is fine.. can someone please help me. i already read the Getting sleep to work on your Dell Latitude and it did not help.. Thanks in advanced
  7. i did.. i thought i would get a little 1 on 1 with the pros here
  8. ok, i can still use LAN correct, and how do i install Snow leopard. Can i use myHack's tool?
  9. where would i find a wifi card and should i install SL 10.6
  10. wait wait wait.... >.< So my wireless wont work? is there any way? Every computer i get works with it but my wireless never does. there must be a way
  11. Processor Type = Intel® Core DUO Processor Processor ID = 06E8
  12. Ok if this little sticker says Intel Centrino duo
  13. The system is a intel centrino duo
  14. Ok, so I have a Dell Latitude D620 with the nvidia graphics card and I got a copy of Mac Lion from app store Then downloaded the myHack tool. Installed the Lion to the 16 GB flash drive and installed the extras using the myHacks tool. Then I made sure my Bios is all good by looking at the other forum and everything checks out. Booted to USB and it loads the loader fine. When I press enter to continue the boot. it does its loading stuff but when all done it brings me to a black screen and my USB light went off. I been on this for hours.. Any help please would be appreciated. Thanks!
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