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Atheros AR9285 for OS X Mavericks


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The patched Atheros kext suffice. It can be placed in /E/E, followed by myFix (quick) to keep /S/L/E completely Vanilla.



For those who wonder about the patch, it simply consists of adding the card PCI Vendor id/Product id 0x168c/0x002b to the list of ids defined in the plist file inside the kext:


As simple as that.

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I'm reinstalling Mavericks, because I'd modified some kext (in order to get AR9285 works).
Now, what should I install? 
Should I use kext wizard with "AirPortAtheros40.kext"after adding 0x168c/0x002b to the list of ids, or I must install "IO80211Family.kext"  ???
please, help me :)

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You don't need kext wizard and you should avoid that tool on a myHack installation as they can conflict. Copy the Atheros40 kext to Desktop, edit it to add your PCI entry (if missing), then move it to /E/E and run myFix (quick).


That way, your patch will always be kept even after an OS X update. Otherwise, the kext is likely to be overwritten and your patch lost. Basically, do as explained in post 2#! I can't be clearer than that...


PS: the kext I attached already contains the PCI id 168c,2b. Didn't you see that ?

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Here is the kext for Atheros AR9285 to work on 10.9 :)

I just dragged it to desktop and ran KextBeast. Works great!! Enjoy


I'm considering buying a Dell DW1502 which seems to use AR9285.


One question: will it be recognized as an AirPort adapter?  Or do you have to use one of those 3rd party WiFi management program to get the card to be recognized and to connect to a WiFi router?



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