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  1. you had said there were artifacts....what was the issue there and how did you solve it, can you please shed some light on that so that those of us with the Nvidia NVS160M's know what to do?
  2. aaaa OK so Yosemite shows it correctly then! thats good to know. i just bought a T9900 on eBay so that i can swap out and have the best possible laptop specs for the MOBO. Next ill need 8gb of ram... I will try Yosemite at some point but i think i will wait until there is a myhack for it which i expect will happen but will take some time. but maybe I will try out on another HD, i'm not sure well see...
  3. hey another question for howoarang - you have the same EXACT setup that you have...did yours not show 2.8ghz or did it show 2.66ghz in the system information? i had to edit the smbios file to make mine read 2.8 it would always show just 2.66...i am not sure if it was actually running at 2.66 or if changing this makes a difference. i think the problem is that mac doesnt seem to recognize 10.5 multiplier but rather it only recognizes the integer 10 multiplier and only runs at 2.66 because of that. i just dont know...
  4. thats awesome...but i think i gotta wait until theres a workaround for sound...i cant do it without sound i use youtube and some other sites like that too much and im using this as my main coimputer so...its just gotta have sound....thats fantastic work though great job!!!! maybe ill try it on another drive that ive got and see what happens
  5. paired up with my keyboard and mouse as mentioned, and was able to send a file to a windows phone, while on macosx mind you, but was NOT able to connect to my ipad or iphone.....kinda strange...
  6. well i guess the problem seems to be the devices because i am typing this on a logitech mx5000 keyboard and mouse that are connected via bluetooth...so i dont know its strange but it does seem to work for certain devices. i guess i will call this one solved and just assume that ios devices dont connect well as i was trying an ipad and iphone and neither would stay connected but again this keyboard/mouse comnbo is fine...
  7. no luck...same issue...its a regular dell 370 and i went in to windows, installed drivers, etc, everything seemed to work OK there but still nothing in osx...very sad will show up but still greyed out on/off button and it will try to connect but never actually does connect.
  8. ok sweet i hope thats it cause i have windows on the spare HD that i use for media and anytime i need windows obviously. ill try to get it rolling in there right now and will come back to see if it fixed it. thanks for the info!
  9. OK folks i have a nearly perfect osx 10.9.5 install. the only thing not working that i have found so far is my bluetooth. it says on it BCM92046 and M960G and shows as a USB device which is a Dell 370 but also shows as a bluetooth device: http://www.capital-remarketing.com/dell-latitude-e6500-bluetooth-wpan-wireless-card-m960g-p-409.html the problem is that the bluetooth on/off switches in the OS are greyed out and when i try to connect a device it forever tries to connect but never does., I am using the standard dell 1.2 bluetooth kext and it just isnt there. any suggestions, anyone who has had this problem or know what i need to do? i am thinking maybe i need to edit the info.plist or something like that? any help, i am at my wits end with this thing....its working but not quite working aaarrrggg?
  10. yes i expect too that if it works for the M4400 that it will work for the E65/6400's as well. Thank you I look forward to hearing what you find! I downloaded the Extra contents for my 10.9 install on here...that may be a good starting point for the M4400 yes?
  11. any plans to try this on the version that was outed today? I was going to give it a shot with 10.10.0 but wasn't sure about compatibility...wondering if anyone in the interwebs had some info on it
  12. Hey folks - I was wondering if anybody got a working App Store Yosemite 10.10 build to install using myhack on the E6500 and if so if they can post instructions? or using unifail for that matter? Anyone know what version of myhack supports it (or does any version support 10.10 as of right now)? I just got 10.9.5 to install and I am hoping to just be able to switch to 10.10 ....But that all depends on what the fine folks on this site which i rely on so much so can do !!!
  13. thanks for the info. I also tried installing after formatting the drive with GPT though rather than MBR and it didn't make a difference, same issue at the same point in time - booted perfectly but would give me the error and the log and that was it. tried with several different flags too and again didn't make a difference. i am wondering if there is a different bios that i should be using that others have had luck with maybe? im stumped
  14. i have been trying to get 10.9 onto my e6500 for days now without any luck. every time i end up with it telling me osx couldn't install and asking to view the log. this is before i even get into the installation right after it asks you to choose a language. normally i wouldnt start a new topic but i have looked everywhere and tried everything. i have tried with every option in my bios (A29) off and on and with -x -v pcirootuid=0,1 npci=0x2000,3000, -f, graphicsenabler=yes, and with various combinations of those tags (of course properly capitalized). anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong here? i used the current myhack download to install 10.9 onto USB and add the extra that is suggested on a page on this forum for building e6500's with mavericks. o yea and of course, after creating the usb installer a few days ago my other hackintosh crashed on me (gigabyte board with a Q6600 8gb PC6400, HD6850) and i havent had a chance to rebuild that install yet. so i have some experience with this stuff but this damn thing has me stumped... what bios is everyone else running too? as i said mine is A29. any ideas?? thanks yall e6500 A29 t9700 2.8ghz c2d 4gb nvidia nvs160m @ 1920x1200 currently running win7-64bit and ubuntu 14.04lts-64bit will install on a seperate hd i have tried also formatting my drives with Disk Utility to GUID with an HFS+ partition, and have tried MBR (the myhack install should have installed the mbr patch) but alas still no luck with either...
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