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Found 10 results

  1. i have successfully installed high sierra in my 3468 but facing some issues list below. headphone jack beep issue brightness slider is not showing in display settings battery status is not correct when i unplug my charger it remains constant. (don't decrease until reboot) System report link: Link is here
  2. Is there a way to get the microphone working on my laptop? I have VoodooHDA installed because I won't have a working speaker without it, but my microphone doesn't work. Version: 10.12.6 Vanilla Processor: i3-2328m Graphics: Intel HD 3000 Graphics 384mb RAM: 6GB DDR3 1067MHz HDD: 500GB 7200RPM HGST Speakers: Cirrus Logic (taken from dell page)
  3. How can I enable two finger scrolling on Mac OS 10.12.6 Sierra for my ALPS touchpad in my Dell Vostro 2520? Secondary Issue: I have QE/CI enabled but everything feels kinda slow, and things have been freezing up really often. This isn't sudden, but if it helps to know, I migrated from a previous hard drive partition to keep my data. Device IDs: 0x01168086 0x00010000 SMBIOS: MacBookPro8,1
  4. So I have installed Sierra on my Vostro 2520, but can't get the Intel HD 3000 graphics to work. I've gotten WiFi to work. and will work on Sleep, Brightness and better trackpad support when I get graphics. If any of you could link me to solutions for all these that would be great.
  5. Hello, forum members. I have recently acquired a Dell Vostro A860 and wish to install OS X 10.7 or later i.e Mountain Lion, Mavericks. Specs are as follows: GPU: Intel GMA X3100 (GM965)​ (8086, 2a02) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T5470 1.60 GHZ RAM: 4GB LAN: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller (RTL8103E) (10ec,8136) WLAN: BCM 4312 (14e4,4315) If anyone here has any info on installing any of the above operating systems on the portable, feel free to comment what you know. Thank you.
  6. Hi guys i bought this laptop recently.Can i hackintosh it? I would really love to.If it is possible please point me further into the right direction.Thanks in advance. Dell Vostro 2420 Laptop (2nd Gen Intel Core i3 2328M- 2GB RAM- 500GB HDD- Linux- Intel HD Graphics 3000) (Grey) Product Summary of Dell Vostro 2420 Laptop (2nd Gen Intel Core i3 2328M- 2GB RAM- 500GB HDD- Linux- Intel HD Graphics 3000) (Grey) Screen Size: 14-inch Weight: 2.19 kg Colour: Grey Hard Disk Capacity: 500GB Operating System: Linux RAM: 2GB Processor Name: 2nd Generation Intel Core i3 2328M SUPC: SDL780436508
  7. After a reinstallation of Mac ML 10.8.4, launchpad has all applications that I installed before & after the reinstallation, but Applications folder has only applications that I installed after reinstallation. Is there any fix? I have provided screenshots below. Screen Shots: Launchpad View (I only provided one page) Applications folder view. There is less than the Launchpad folder
  8. Hello everyone at OS X Latitude, I have added a PCI graphics card to my Dell Vostro 200 Desktop. I got a Nvidea geforce gt 610 pci express card from PNY. My Windows 7 Professional boots fine, but my Mac mountain lion stopped working. It is stuck at [ PCI configuration begin ]. If I plug it into the original on-board VGA port, it works fine. What is the problem behind this? I am using a 1024MB DDR3 card. I know Hervé wrote in his Vostro 200 guide to use a 2GB card, but it was too expensive to I just got a 1GB card. Is there problem because of the Windows. I am using GUID partition layout. First, I installed Mac, then I installed Windows. Somehow, after installing Windows, the computer boots up to Windows by default. The only way to get to Mac is to plug in my myHack USB installer and boot using that. Again, USB booting worked using on-board video card. Is there a problem because I am booting via USB installer to my Mac partition, or because of some graphic card problem. I also remember that right after my Mac Mountain Lion installation(which was before I got my graphics card) that it said Installation Failed. I just ignored it, because it appeared that it was working fine eventhough it said Installation failed.Could that be the case? Thanks vgupta
  9. Hello, I installed myHack+Dell Vostro 200 Bootpack+EDP for Mountain Lion, but now Launchpad takes forever to open! The launchpad was pretty quick like an original Mac in Lion, but it takes 5-7 minutes to open Launchpad which is very annoying. I have not yet gotten a graphics card(because it will take a few days to order it), but launchpad takes forever. Will the Nvidea gt 610 graphic card Pci 2.0 fix the problem? If you need any screenshots, or photos of my desktop, please ask. I will be getting my card in a few days, so it might solve the problem. Thanks vgupta
  10. I just installed SL on a Dell Vostro 200. Everything went fine except that my networking isn't working. Networking works fine under Windows, so it's not the hardware. I installed the Extras that were listed for a SL installation on a Vostro 200. Is there a KEXT I need to install so I can finish with the EDP? Thank you.
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