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  1. realtek alc282. The hackintosh vietnam tool says that it's specifically made for the dell 3521.
  2. yep, that fixed the error (or removed it ) but i also noticed that my audio doesn't work anymore after patching my dsdt with the lpc patch. I tried to load a vanilla applehda and repatch it with the hackintosh vietnam tool but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. The installer says that it patches applehda and that it injects audio lay-out 28... what does this mean ? Does it inject the lay-out in my dsdt or do i have to do this myself ? And why did it break after patching my dsdt ? I know i could just use voodoohda to get it to work but rehabman told me that it's buggy and can cause random kernel panics so that's the reasob i'd rather like to patch it. Or should i better use voodoohda eventhought my chip is supported ? Thanks
  3. Update: I patched the EDP dsdt with the lpc patch from PJALM (and a DTGP patch to fix an error) and the delay is gone now. I also replaced voodoohda by this patched applehda and it works perfect. I really don't see why the EDP app recommends to install voodoohda as it is buggy and can cause random kernel panics at startup. or am i wrong ? I also noticed another error when starting my laptop. It says "superiodevice: [fatal] found unsupported chip" Is this bad or should i just ignore it ? Thanks
  4. ah, i found out how to add an attachment my dsdts.zip
  5. Ow yeah, i read that you may not mix up dsdt's and bios verions. My laptop uses that last A12 bios which is uploaded since january 2014 so i don't see why the dsdt should have been made with another bios version. (except maybe if there is something wrong with the last update)
  6. so do you think that this problem is cpu related ? Should i keep using the EDP dsdt and generate a custom ssdt using the hackintosh vietnam tool ? (atm, i'm using the ssdt applied by the EDP app.) Thanks
  7. Ow yeah, maybe useful to know that this is about the dell 3521 with i5 3337u processor. I'm having the feeling that something in my motherboard must be different from the one that's been used to build the dsdt. Maybe that's why it hangs for so long. I don't know who made the dsdt but do you guys use patches like the ones from rehabman or do you guys just write it all yourself ? Otherwise, i could try to patch it myself if i can get a list of patches that were used.
  8. whatever, i've uploaded them via mediafire.
  9. No, how do i do this ? Do i just read the 2 files or is there some nice and easy tool to accomplish this ? xD i'd add the dsdt's as attachment but i havn't found a way to do this yet
  10. Ok, so i just found out that the ioapic delay problem is caused by the dsdt which was installed by the EDP app. Booting with a self made dsdt using some patches from rehabman, i was able to boot and get everything to work. (although it doesnt seem to be as smooth as with the EDP dsdt.)
  11. Hi, I've succesfully installed mavericks on my dell 3521 using Myhack but i've noticed some problems after fine-tuning with the edp app. First of all, the patched appleintelcpupowermanagemet.kext that gets installed to get my powermanagement working, gives me a kernel panic after rebooting. I fixed this by downloading a patched version from the niresh website. After using their patch i could boot and everything works good now. my second problem is that when i boot my hackintosh with -v, it hangs for a long time at "ioapic version 0x20 vectors 64 87". How can i fix this ? I know it doesn't seem to be an error but it takes damn long to boot when it always stops there. And last but not least, i found out that my laptop is using the realtek alc282 audio chipset but the edp recommends to install a version of voodoohda... I tested it by removing voodoohda and patching my applehda using the hackintosh vietnam tool and got my my audio to work out of the box. What would be the best to be using ? voodoohda or a patched applehda ? Thanks.
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