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E6230 i5 2.6ghz problems.


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I have here a Latitude E6230 12" with i5 2.6ghz and HD4000 graphics.

Installed using extras.zip in guide (not boot pack).

Had some troubles but finally got it booting in normal mode without any switches.


Video, LAN, usb3, usb2, seem to be good.


Things I need some help with:


1. graphics a bit choppy, native resolution.  how do I confirm quartz/CE is all good?

2. no audio device found.  what audio is likely in this system?

3. hdmi with audio out, whats necessary to get this going? i see some people confirming it works.


thanks all.

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See guide here. Check the updates below it for newer versions of files and patches.


1) launch dvd player, click help-> show supported features. You should see Quartz Extreme is

2) IDT 92HD93xx

3) HDMI audio enabled with patched FB, DSDT, and AppleHDA

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