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Samsung NP740U3E BIOS-related issues


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(but if I'm wrong, please correct)


This laptops has emulation Legacy Boot, so the Chameleon boot loader can't load the GPT partition disk(BIOS don't see mbr boot sector if detect GPT disk).

Legacy boot can only MBR start, but then need get patch for install osx on mbr-partition... brrrr :? 


and with edp doc pre-install you don't get setup OSX  :|  on ativ 7 np740U/730U.


While successfully got it done with Clover UEFI boot loader(smbMacbookAir5,2) + kexts (EFI/clover/kext/10.x) :: FakeSMC, GenericUSBXHCI, ApplePS2ElanTouchpad(v3.x).


Anybody solved the problem(blackscreen) of the internal !eDP! screen after changing resolution or connection HDMI?

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I am trying to dual boot OSX and Windows on this laptop model. However, upon installing Mavericks successfully on a partition, the BIOS does not see the partition and I cannot boot up OSX. If I switch to UEFI mode, Windows boots up fine, while the USB cannot be seen. If I switch to CSM/legacy mode, the USB boots up, Windows cannot be seen. If I don't have the USB plugged in, nothing is booted up.


From what beta9092 said above, it would seem that I have to format the drive as MBR?? But that would render Windows 8 not bootable right?


Anyone has any idea how to get Chameleon to get OSX to boot up? Quite lost here

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