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i5-4200U integrated GPU woes under 10.10


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Hi everyone,

I just recently bought an U430p with - as far as I know - isn't that different from U430 Touch, a device some apparently had good experiences with. Currently I'm trying to install Yosemite on this device, which went fine (installed, Clover UEFI booting works as intended) up to the point where I tried to set up the GPU (integrated Intel HD4400, i presume, as I'm using the i5-4200U CPU).
Currently I'm experimenting with different HW IDs and Platform IDs, up to no luck. I'd be really thankful if you could guide me how to find out the proper IDs, if not even share some proper settings, if you already had luck with this.

Thanks for your time, I hope you could help me out with some advice here.

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have you tried editing config.plist with clover configurator or manually


you might also need slide=0 if you get artifacts.

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