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Precision M4400 sleep broken by update to 10.9.4


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Greetings all and thanks for all your excellent work here!


I have succeeded with a 10.9.0 Mavericks install on my M4400 and eventually got sleep going but this was broken by the 10.9.4 Combo Update. Apple made a feature of improved sleep in promoting the update so obviously significant modifications have been made.  Have any fixes emerged for this yet?


My install method for 10.9.0:

myHack installation with the Extras folder from here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2674-dell-e64006500m4400-mavericks-109-gm/?hl=m4400

(1/3 way down page)

Removed AppleACPIPlatform kext from the Extras folder (this kext is already in the Sys folder), then ran full myFix

Finally, changed the hibernate mode to 0.

Wake from sleep only ever worked by pressing the power button rather than from any keyboard keys.



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Can you please post your /Extra folder? Personally, I've had no issue on any of my Latitude D or E Series, nor even on my desktops. Can't see why it would be different with your M4400. it's always worked OOB on those systems without any specific actions (except a DSDT patch maybe)


NB: Wake from keyboard or mouse has never been feasible on any Dell laptops I've hackinstoshed (I've done a few by now). This is more a desktop feature, configurable in BIOS.

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