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D430 Boot Pack for Lion?


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I understand that the boot packs are being checked, updated if necessary, and rereleased.


In the meantime, is there any possibility of getting a link to the old D430, Lion bootpack?


I would wait patiently, and will, if necessary, but school just started here, and I'd like to set up a laptop for my son this weekend.  


He just found out that he needs one for his Chinese class and a D430 seems like the best option of the laptops in the house, given the elevated risk of theft, etc., taking to middle school brings.


Thank you.

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Full /Extra below. It contains all the kexts and settings you need to support your complete hardware (i.e. no need for EDP fine-tuning re: hardware). Please note the DSDT in that pack was edited to reflect DW1490. It's just cosmetic and can be easily edited with tools like DSDTEditor (or TextEditor if you decompile it).



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