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Myhack install ok but not temperature CPU


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hello world


i install mavericks 10.9.4 on my pc ok (myhack)

but not temperature CPU ?

HWmonitor crash, after i run to -v -f

i use Istate pro ,but without CPU temp.

my brother card = z77x d3h F16

my graphic card = asus EN210

CPU = 3570k i5



are you a solution for display the temperature on Istat pro ? DSDT for my brother card ?


thank you to you.

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myHack does not in any way include or provide any hardware monitoring app or features. It's purely an installer tool. As such, thread has moved.


Hardware monitoring can be provided by add-on app such as HWMonitor, itself used in conjunction with the right FakeSMC kext. There is information about this all over the forum. See here for instance. I recommend you look for Kozlek's latest package (or one of his recent ones) on his sourceforge repository.


Depending on your hardware, you will get more or less information reported and, as one might expect, there is usually far less info reported on laptops than on desktops:

D430_HWMonitoring.jpg E6420_HWMonitoring.jpg Vostro200_HWMonitoring.jpg

PS: it's mommy's board, brothers just live among us!  ;-)

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