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Install Chameleon on Pen Drive


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Hello. Sorry for the noobish question (and I'm sure I'll have to apologize as I have more), but I'm having a hard time creating the pen drive for installation. I've restored my Snow Leopard install DVD onto a GUID formatted single partition 8gb USB stick and copied over the contents of extras. When I launch the Chameleon package I get the installer but have no way to install it to my usb stick. The window is quite dark and is hard to read, but it appears that there is a blacked out "install location" present, I just can't select it. It wants to install on the primary hard drive of my desktop (another hackintosh). What am I missing here? I've tried installing the package from the usb stick itself - same issue.


Also, do I need to copy over the contents of "Preboot.dmg" or should this stay as a dmg file on the usb?


Thanks so much!

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