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Dell XPS 13 L321x (Mavericks 10.9.5)

Jake Lo

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DELL XPS 13 (L321x) - myHack (Chameleon) guide




Special thanks to myHack (conti)

Zenith432 - GenericUSBXHCI - USB 3.0

qwerty12 - DisableIntelTurboBoost for Power Management

Mirone - patched AppleHDA

Dolner - codecCommander - enable audio after sleep

Ulysse31 / Rehabman - Cypress Touchpad

Rehabman - ACPIBacklight/NullEthernet

Piker-Alpha - ssdtPRGen.sh
Sorry if I miss anyone else and I'm sure I have

Hardware Configuration:


CPU : Intel Core i5-2467M 1.6ghz

Chipset : Intel QS67


Video : Intel HD 3000

Audio : Realtek ALC275

Monitor : 1366x768

HD : 128GB mSata SSD

WiFi : Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 802.11 (switched with DW1510)


What works:

Webcam OOB

WiFi(toggle on and off (Fn+F2))

Audio (internal speaker / headphone)

Keyboard backlit (Fn+F6)

Brightness slider (remap F1/F2 with Karabiner.app)

Sleep / Wake (with LID close / open)

Mini Displayport Video

HD3000 graphics QE/CI

Cypress TrackPad (with up to 3 fingers)

No built-in Ethernet (NullEthernet by rehabman)


Not Tested:

Mini Displayport Audio (no hardware to test)


Let's get started...

I use the myhack method for this build, so follow instructions to build your USB installer, set BIOS settings and run the OSX Installation from here http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/

For best results, set BIOS to default, apply it and then  go back to set Sata Operation to AHCI
Use USB port on the left (USB 2.0) for best result to get Installer to boot
This Hack can only be done on an MBR partition, not GUID!
  1. Format USB Installer with MBR format
  2. Launch myHack and create the USB Installer
  3. Patch Installer for MBR with attached (instructions included) MBR-Patch_1095_13F34.zip
  4. Launch myHack again
  5. Select "Install Extra" and point to the Extra folder attached Extra.zip
  6. Boot up system with USB installer disk with the -v -f flag
  7. Format the HDD with Disk Utility (MBR/Journaled Extended)
  8. Continue with the Installation
  9. Select "Use my Own" when prompt and point to the Extra folder in the root of the USB installer
  10. When prompt to remove problematic kexts, select Yes, Yes, No
  11. After a few minutes, computer will restart.
  12. You may encounter "Operating System not found", boot with USB Installer and select the Installed OS X drive
  13. Continue to setup your account. Launch myHack and select "Install Chameleon" to the root. You can remove USB Installer now
  14. After logging on: in System Preferences
  •    Enable Clicking for Trackpad
  •    Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere for Security & Privacy
  •    Install Karabiner: set F1/F2 to increase / decrease brightness
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