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E6420 (Wifi does not Work) I need u help !


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Hi, i'm Steeve

I'm french ! sorry I do not speak very good English !


Can you help me please ?


I think need to change an item :)

I just know not which one to buy !


I'm Niresh 10.8.5 everything is functional except wifi!



Thank you




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We don't support distro here, don't know what was patched or removed. 

If you want to rebuild, we have a fully working guide here that we support.

Not sure what specs is your system since you didn't specify it but if you have a different processor and display resolution, it's easily fix.

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Sorry, that guide might not work for you since you have a model with the discrete optimus card Nvs4200. 

See this guide instead. It disables the nvidia card and use the HD 3000 graphics.

But if you prefer to use the nvidia card let me know.

Which card is it showing on your current install?

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Hi, I need your help! 

when I go into sleep mode, I can not get out! 

the buttons to increase, fall silent does not work! 

Can not stop my computer screen goes black, it is in the light (switch on)! 


do you have any solutions ?


merci! steeve





(i'm sorry for my bad english...)

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Sleep/wake doesn't work with the nvidia nvs 4200m card. If you want sleep working, go with this guide https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5943-dell-latitude-e6520-e6420-with-optimus-enabled-mavericks/


There's pros and cons for both

With Nvidia:

Pros: HDMI Audio/Video working

Cons: No sleep / Unable to wake, screen stays black until hard reboot


With HD 3000:

Pros: Sleep/Wake

Cons: No HDMI Video/Audio

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