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TOTALLY NEW TO THIS: Have a T430 with Intel 4000 Graphics.


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I have all of maybe 5 hrs of research under my belt XD 
Being a fellow denizen of the Internet. We all know 5hrs on google doesn't mean much. 

I have no access to a mac. <<Outside of School... (darn administrator passwords)

But I managed to get an ISO of 10.9 on a thumb drive and got it to at least load into the boot menu 


(Menu where you see Mac OS on the usb then all of the other partitions on the PC) 




From what limited knowledge I gathered, use the arrow keys to change the type of boot. and start typing to bring up the boot: 




Now on to the actual issue...


When I load I get to the initial apple logo with the spinnie loading wheel under it and the white background.


Assuming it was trying to install. I would watch it in anticipation. Then suddenly the entire screen goes black computer still runs and eventually I have to restart cause it seems like it hangs there. 


My first thought was maybe its graphics related. 


All I came across was these "flags"


GraphicsEnabler=Yes (or GraphicsEnabler=No)


Tried that and it didn't work...


Can anyone help me out?



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It's not something we support here, but I'll assist to get it going. Perhaps after you got it going, you have something you could use to build with myHack that we support.

So with the boot pack suggested,  place the Extra folder in the root of the USB. Install the kexts in /Extra/Extensions to System/Library/Extensions with kextwizard and repair permission.

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